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The Complete List of Tarot Major Arcana Cards

Discover the full list of the Tarot Major Arcana cards, their symbolism, and the insight each one offers in the realms of palmistry, astrology, and divination.

article by Priya Deshmukh

Introduction to Major Arcana

In the mystical world of tarot, the Major Arcana cards hold profound significance, serving as the framework for the tarot's narrative journey. Each of these twenty-two cards embodies a spiritual lesson, archetypal persona, or life event that corresponds to our own life experiences. The insights drawn from these cards assist seekers in understanding life's higher purpose and larger themes, going beyond the mundane to touch the fabric of the psyche and the universal consciousness.

The Fool (0)

The journey of the Major Arcana starts with The Fool, representing new beginnings, spontaneity, and infinite potential. A symbol of free spirit and courage, The Fool encourages us to take the leap into the unknown without fear. As we face the year 2024 and beyond, The Fool reflects the collective anticipation of a world stepping into uncharted territories and the personal willingness to embrace new adventures.

The Magician (I)

The Magician signifies skilled communication, resourcefulness, and the manifestation of goals. Armed with tools that correspond to the four elements—pentacles, swords, cups, and wands—The Magician commands his environment and turns visions into reality. For those seeking to bring ideas to life in the era of digital innovation, The Magician serves as a fortuitous symbol of creative willpower and adaptability.

The High Priestess (II)

Symbolizing intuition, mystery, and inner knowledge, The High Priestess invites us to look within for answers. She represents the hidden wisdom that astrology, palmistry, and divination strive to illuminate. As personal enlightenment becomes more sought after, The High Priestess reminds us of the power that lies in tuning into our subconscious minds, particularly during astrological events like the progressive Jupiter-Uranus trine of 2024.

The Empress (III)

The archetype of maternal influence, creativity, and abundance, The Empress nurtures with a generous spirit. In the face of changing climates and shifting societal roles, The Empress advocates for a reconnection with nature and the celebration of life's luxuries. Her appearance in a reading encourages comfort, beauty, and the growth of all things, coinciding with Venus transits that may grace us with periods of harmony and prosperity.

The Emperor (IV)

Representing structure, authority, and discipline, The Emperor is a figure of solidity and rule. His energies align with the Saturn-Pluto alignment of 2024, suggesting a period where systems may be challenged or reinforced. Whether in governance or personal regimes, The Emperor is a timely symbol for the people and institutions that shape our daily lives.

The Hierophant (V)

Serving as a conduit to the divine, The Hierophant symbolizes tradition, spiritual wisdom, and religious beliefs. As we venture further into the era of Aquarius, the challenge to traditional paradigms posed by The Hierophant will likely become more pronounced. With reverence for knowledge and the sacred, this card illuminates the path towards collective enlightenment through individual spiritual practices.

The Lovers (VI)

Often associated with relationships and choices, The Lovers reflect harmony, love, and alignment of values. They represent the duality and union within us all, suggesting a balance between opposites. In astrological terms, transits involving Mars and Venus in 2024 could bring The Lovers’ themes to the forefront, emphasizing the importance of personal connections and internal coherence.

The Chariot (VII)

The Chariot is a symbol of determination, victory, and overcoming obstacles through willpower and control. As we face global challenges and personal hurdles, The Chariot emboldens us to stay focused on our goals, harnessing the dynamic energy of Mars as it transits through pivotal signs in our sky.

The Strength (VIII)

Strength is not solely about raw power but also about inner courage, compassion, and influence without force. The card represents the strength of character and moral fortitude. It is a reminder that patient endurance and kindness can be mightier than aggression, as mirrored by the gentle and persistent influence of the transiting Sun in opposition to Neptune.

The Hermit (IX)

Seeking solitude for introspection and guidance, The Hermit embodies wisdom, spiritual quest, and enlightenment. With Saturn's ingress into Pisces in 2024, The Hermit's message becomes especially poignant, urging a period of reflection where we can heed the inner voice and contemplate our life's direction.

Wheel of Fortune (X)

Symbolizing the cyclical nature of fate and destiny, The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that life is a series of ups and downs, propelling us to adapt to its spins. The turn of The Wheel can reflect expansive Jupiter's influence, which offers both opportunities and tests as it forms major aspects with other planets during the year.


The Major Arcana cards serve as a guide through life's spiritual journey, offering insight and reflection. Each card embodies a force that can influence our daily lives and the universal shifts we encounter, especially as we look to the astrological movements of 2024 and beyond. By understanding the symbolism and themes of these archetypes, we enrich our comprehension of the human experience and the esoteric principles that govern it.

Published: 2/9/2024

Modified: 2/12/2024

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