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The Tradition of Gifting Tarot Cards: A Guide for Enthusiasts

Discover the intriguing custom of sharing tarot decks and why many believe tarot cards should not be bought for oneself but received as gifts.

article by Priya Deshmukh

The Mystique of Gifting Tarot Cards

Tarot cards, steeped in mystery and esoteric tradition, have always held a special role in the realm of divination. A popular belief that has been part of tarot folklore is the idea that tarot decks carry greater significance when they are gifted, rather than purchased for oneself. This practice suggests that a deck received as a present comes with an influx of positive energies and a personal connection that enhances the reader's intuition and connection to the cards. The origin of this belief intertwines with various spiritual and occult traditions, indicating a profound respect for the exchange of energy that a gift symbolizes.


The Energetic Exchange Involved

The underlying principle behind the gifting of tarot cards is the exchange of energy – the transfer of good intentions from the giver to the receiver. Enthusiasts believe that when a deck is given by someone who holds the receiver in high regard, the energy surrounding the tarot cards is already charged with a potent vibrancy. This spiritual and emotional investment is said to imbue the cards with a heightened ability to tap into one's subconscious and the universal consciousness, ultimately allowing for more insightful and accurate readings.

Gifting Tarot in Modern Times

While antique decks may carry an allure of history and mystique, the modern tarot community continues to cherish the ritual of gifting decks, regardless of the cards' age. Whether a contemporary deck with artistic modern interpretations or a well-preserved historical deck, the act of gifting remains an integral tradition. In today's society, giving tarot cards can also signify a gesture of encouragement for someone starting their journey into the metaphysical or deepening an existing practice, carrying forth the age-old customs into the twenty-first century and beyond.

Choosing to Buy Your Own Deck

Despite the romanticism surrounding the idea of receiving a tarot deck as a gift, many practitioners choose to purchase their own. This self-selection process involves a deep intuitive connection, allowing individuals to feel drawn to a deck that resonates with their personal energy. In the end, it is the bond between the reader and the cards that defines the efficacy of the readings. While the tradition of gifting is cherished, the modern interpretation is more fluid, acknowledging that the personal connection to the tarot is what truly matters.

The Takeaway on Tarot Gift-Giving

For followers of astrological movements, there is a belief that receiving tarot cards during significant celestial events, such as when Venus enters a new sign or during a potent full moon, can further enhance the spiritual connection. As we look towards the future, with Neptune's transit through Aries beginning in 2025, such gifts could be imbued with pioneering energy, encouraging breakthroughs in personal insights. Whether by an act of gifting or personal selection, a deck’s value is inherent in its use – as a tool for reflection, guidance, and self-discovery.

Embracing the Cards You Receive or Choose

Whether you find a tarot deck nestled into your hands through the thoughtful consideration of a friend or through your own deliberate choice, the magic lies within your use of the cards. Embrace the deck as an extension of your intuition. Let it serve as a guide through the cosmos and your inner landscape, as you navigate life's questions alongside the ancient wisdom of tarot, regardless of its origin. After all, the truest gift is the insight gained and the journeys embarked upon with your deck in tow.

Published: 2/8/2024

Modified: 2/9/2024

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