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The Tarot Card of Leo: Strength in Symbolism

Discover which tarot card is associated with the zodiac sign Leo, revealing the fiery energy and strength that define Leo's character in the tarot.

article by Priya Deshmukh

Leo's Tarot Connection: A Fiery Reflection

Leo, a flame of the zodiac, is mirrored in the tarot through a card steeped in courage, vitality, and leadership. The correspondence between astrology and tarot is not just symbolic but deeply intertwined with the attributes that make up a Leo's persona. In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, which has set the standard for modern tarot imagery and symbolism, each zodiac sign finds a kindred spirit within the cards, and Leo's no exception to this magical alignment. As Leos march through life with a regal air, their representative tarot card likewise radiates an aura of noble strength and the sheer power of will.


Strength: The Embodiment of Leo

The Strength card, numbered eight in the Major Arcana, is the card that most closely resonates with the zodiac sign of Leo. Portrayed typically by a woman calmly closing the jaws of a lion, Strength embodies the essence of controlled power—the very crux of Leo’s character. This card highlights not only physical strength but also mental and emotional fortitude, mirroring the inner fire that fuels a Leo’s actions and beliefs. The imagery itself serves as a nod to the lion, a symbol that has been synonymous with Leo since ancient astrology began mapping the stars.


Symbolism and Significance

The symbolism of the Strength card extends beyond representation of raw power; it signifies Leo’s ability to lead with heart and compassion. The lion, with its ferocious reputation, stands subdued by a woman's gentle touch, suggesting courage tempered with kindness. This balance between might and tenderness speaks to a Leo's capability to approach challenges with composure and to inspire others without intimidation. Moreover, the infinity symbol, often seen hovering above the woman's head, indicates a boundless potential and the enduring spirit that a Leo carries through life's adversities.


Energetic Alignment and Archetypes

Leos are ruled by the Sun, center of our solar system, and the source of life and light. This celestial body's influence injects Leos with vigor and an innate sense of purpose. In the tapestry of tarot, the Strength card connects with this solar energy, highlighting Leo’s natural propensity for leadership and an unshakeable confidence. Furthermore, Leos and the Strength card share the archetype of the 'ruler' - one who commands not by force, but by awe-inspiring presence, reflecting the noble-hearted leader within every Leo.

Strength in a Reading for Leo

When the Strength card appears in a reading for someone born under Leo, it's often an affirmation of their potential and a call to embrace their innate leadership qualities. It can also signify a period where their inner fortitude will be tested, suggesting the need to harness their transformative energy to overcome obstacles. The Strength card acts as both a mirror and a mentor for Leos, encouraging them to navigate life with a combination of passion and grace, and to channel their fiery disposition for constructive growth and creativity.

Applying Leo’s Strength in Daily Life

Understanding the connection between Leo and its tarot counterpart can serve as a guide for anyone with Leo prominent in their chart or who identifies with the lion’s traits. In acknowledging the energies of the Strength card, Leos can learn to moderate their vigor with understanding and to wield their inherent influence wisely. It is a reminder to all Leos that their greatest achievements often arise from the delicate balance between their powerful force and their beating hearts.

Published: 2/8/2024

Modified: 2/8/2024

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