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The Tarot Card of Balance: Libra's Arcana

Discover which tarot card embodies the essence of the astrological sign Libra, reflecting its qualities of harmony, fairness, and partnership.

article by Priya Deshmukh

Libra's Tarot Reflection

With airy intellectual charm and a constant pursuit of justice, Libra embodies balance and fairness. In the realm of tarot, where archetypes dance with the mysteries of life, one card stands out as the quintessential symbol for those born under the scales of Libra: Justice. The Justice card, numbered eleven in the Major Arcana, mirrors Libra's equilibrium and ethical prowess. This alignment is no mere coincidence, as both the card and the zodiac sign share a deep commitment to harmony and objectivity.


Justice: A Symbolic Parallel

Justice, as a tarot archetype, is depicted traditionally by a seated figure, often female, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. The scale represents Libra's natural inclination towards weighing options and the sword denotes the mental clarity required to make fair decisions. This card's imagery speaks to the Libran need for serenity and its role as an arbiter among the zodiac. In readings, Justice advises balance and implies the karmic outcomes of past choices, themes deeply resonant with those ruled by Venus's diplomatic child.


Libra's Quest for Equilibrium

The Libran spirit is imbued with an innate sense of harmony. This quest for balance is not limited to personal interactions but extends to a wider scale, where Libras often find themselves mediating or striving for social justice. Similarly, the Justice tarot card serves as a reminder that every action has a reaction, and fairness will prevail. For Libras, this card is a spiritual totem, encouraging them to remain steadfast in their pursuit of equality.


Venus's Influence on Libra

As a child of Venus, Libra seeks beauty and camaraderie, and these Venusian qualities shine through in the Justice card. The aesthetic harmony often present in the card's artwork captures Libra's artistic flair, while the objective stance of the figure embodies the relational clarity that Libras offer. The tarot magnifies these innate qualities, giving practitioners and the Libra-born alike a mirror for self-reflection and guidance.


The Tarot's Broader Relationship with Astrology

It's important to note that tarot and astrology, while individual practices, intersect and blend in the realm of metaphysics. As the astrological wheel turns, each sign's attributes find echoes in the tarot's pantheon of symbols. For Libra, a creature of air and intellect, the cerebral nature of the Justice card is a perfect cosmic counterpart, solidifying the bond these esoteric systems share.

Libra and Justice: The Road Ahead

As we move further into 2024 and beyond, the ever-evolving world will call for Libra's equilibrium more than ever. The Justice tarot card's emphasis on levelheadedness and ethical conduct can serve as a north star for Libras navigating the complexities of modern life. Practitioners of tarot can harness this connection, using the Justice card as a key to unlock Libra's celestial potential for harmony and balance.

Embodying Libra in Readings

In tarot readings, drawing the Justice card can signify a Libran influence at hand. Whether it points to a person in the querent's life or a situation requiring a Libra's touch, Justice reflects a need for fair-mindedness and balance. For Libras themselves, this card is a call to embody their true nature, standing as advocates for equilibrium in all they do.

Published: 2/8/2024

Modified: 2/8/2024

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