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Should Tarot Decks Be Received as Gifts?

Explore the tradition and beliefs surrounding the gifting of tarot cards and whether it's essential for your spiritual journey.

article by Priya Deshmukh

The Question of Gifting Tarot

Many budding tarot enthusiasts face the intriguing question: Should tarot decks be gifted or is it permissible to purchase them for oneself? A myriad of opinions surrounds this topic, each steeped in tradition, superstition, and personal experience. This article delves into the heart of the matter, unveiling the reasons behind the belief in gifting tarot and offering guidance for those navigating the modern world of divination.

The Tradition of Gifting

The origin of the idea that a tarot deck must be gifted is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Some argue it stems from a desire to maintain the integrity and sacredness of the cards. A gifted tarot deck is thought to carry a special energy, passed on from the giver to the receiver. This energy is supposed to enhance the connection between the practitioner and their deck, presumably heightening the accuracy and sensitivity of readings.

Purchasing Your Own Deck

Conversely, many modern practitioners believe that buying your own tarot deck is not only acceptable but beneficial. Choosing your own cards can create a personal connection that might not be present in a gifted deck. In 2024, as individualism and self-care continue to rise in spiritual practices, purchasing your own tarot deck aligns with empowering oneself to follow their intuition and own path.

Considerations for Gifting

If you decide to gift a tarot deck, consider the recipient's experience and interests. Gifting to a person who is genuinely interested in tarot ensures respect for the practice. The stars in 2024 inspire a generous spirit, but Pisces, known for their intuitive nature, might feel especially drawn to giving a tarot deck during this year, potentially deepening a friend or loved one's spiritual journey.

Charging and Cleansing Your Deck

Whether gifted or purchased, charging and cleansing your new tarot deck is a crucial step. This process can involve leaving the deck under the light of a full moon, using crystals, or simply setting an intention for the cards. For those embarking on their tarot journey in 2024 and beyond, harnessing the power of the Aquarius new moon might prove particularly potent for clearing and preparing decks for use.

Opening Paths to Knowledge

Tarot reading is a powerful tool for personal insight and contemplation. Whether your cards are gifted or self-chosen, what ultimately matters is the connection formed between you and your deck. By 2024, as the collective consciousness shifts towards a more open-minded approach to spirituality, the method of obtaining your tarot cards becomes less crucial than the intention and willingness to learn that comes with them.

Published: 2/8/2024

Modified: 2/9/2024

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