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Should Tarot Cards Be Gifted? A Mystical Inquiry

Delve into the traditions and beliefs surrounding the gifting of tarot cards, and whether it influences the mystical connection between a deck and its reader.

article by Priya Deshmukh

The Gift of Intuition

For many, tarot cards are more than simple tools for divination; they're gateways to the unconscious, mirrors of the soul, and guides along the spiritual journey. A question often arises in mystical communities: should tarot cards be gifted, or is self-purchase permissible? The tradition behind gifting tarot cards is rich with symbolism and intention. It suggests that a deck received as a gift carries along with it the energy and the well-wishes of the giver, imbuing the cards with a significant personal connection from the start of their use.

Gifting as a Rite of Passage

In many cultures, presenting someone with their first tarot deck is seen as a meaningful rite of passage. It's believed that such a gesture awakens the recipient's metaphysical awareness, thereby enhancing their readings. The act of gifting sets the stage for a reader's relationship with their cards — one that is steeped in trust, openness, and intuitive harmony. This approach is often encouraged among those who view tarot reading as a deeply personal and spiritual practice.

The Self-Selection Perspective

While tradition skews towards gifted tarot decks as a preferred norm, some argue that personal choice should not be overshadowed. Choosing one's own tarot deck invites the individual to connect with the imagery and symbolism that resonates with them deeply, potentially leading to more authentic and insightful readings. Transitioning into 2024, this view gains prominence since personal empowerment and self-guided spiritual practices become increasingly valued in the metaphysical community.

Modern-Day Considerations

Our contemporary era sees a merging of old and new beliefs. As we step into 2024 and beyond, it's apparent that the rules surrounding spiritual tools like tarot cards are as fluid as the readings they inspire. The importance of intention, whether in choosing or receiving a deck, is paramount. The energy placed into the act — the hope, the love, the desire for growth — is what truly consecrates the deck, not necessarily the method by which it was acquired.

Advice for Givers and Seekers

For those considering gifting a tarot deck, it is wise to reflect on the intentions and the receptiveness of the recipient. Are they open to the exploration of the tarot? Do they resonate with the specific deck chosen for them? As for seekers of tarot wisdom, bear in mind that a deck need not be gifted to be effective — your own selection can be just as powerful, if not more so, when matched with a clear intention for your personal growth and understanding.

The Verdict for Future Mystics

Looking ahead to the astrological climate of 2024, with its unique alignments and energy, the decision whether to gift tarot cards or purchase your own becomes a personal choice that must align with one's individual journey. Whether through gifting or self-selection, the cards that come to you will, as always, reflect your path and purpose. The mythos that one must not buy their own tarot deck is gently subsiding in the collective consciousness, leading to a more inclusive and self-determined mystic practice.

Published: 2/8/2024

Modified: 2/9/2024

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